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An Interior Design agency that specializes in delivering spaces that express balance in aesthetics & function. We’re young & dynamic and revel in creating well thought out designs in all things interior. In addition, via our sister agency Yumboxdesign, we also offer Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Production, as well as Video Production Services for all things related to the architectural design industry. 


Space, some say ‘the final frontier”. However, here on planet earth, it is the most essential element when designing interiors. Space is the foundation upon which the whole interior design project is built. It is therefore essential that our designers are well aware and conscious of the space around them, its dimensions, as well as its utilities when working upon any Yumboxinterior assignment.


Light, what would interior design be without it? The first commandment ever spoken into existence. Either by an act of God or man-made, without light other supporting elements, namely color; texture and pattern have no relevance without it. Light establishes the ambience and mood of a living space, and reveals all the other elements associated, including space, line and form.


Colors, do they need any introduction? Color fuses together an aesthetic bond between objects and certainly sets the mood for any type of space, commercial, as well as residential. Colors have to be used intelligently, based upon the psychology and the mindset of the dwellers occupying the space. For example, red is an excellent choice for dining rooms, or fast food outlets, as it encourages appetite. Yummy.


Texture has nothing to do with mobile phones, instead it is mainly involved with the surface and defines how an object will look and feel. Texture adds substance and encourages interest in a living space. It also establishes the feel, appearance and consistency of any given surface. Texture can broadly be categorized into two types – Visual Texture, where the texture is only observed, and Actual Texture, where the texture is both seen and felt.

  • Design & Modeling

    Good Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior in order to create functional living, working or relaxing spaces within a building. We strive therefore to show our clients the benefits of going down a particular design route by supplying them upfront with detailed floor plans, as well as 3D modeling. In return, they get to fully understand & appreciate the benefits of investing time & money upon any given project.

  • Home Staging Services

    In a nutshell, Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale or rental in the real estate marketplace. Why pay for interior items that potential buyers might not like. With our home staging service, we aim to capture the true potential of an interior space that is up for rental or sale, without the seller/landlord having to take on the full financial burden of purchasing furniture. We offer a variety of home staging services that can best suit, so get in contact with us in order to discover just how we can get your house sold, as well as rented, a lot faster.

  • Furniture Selection & Specifications

    There’s three important fundamentals when choosing furnishing for interior design projects. These are ‘Practicality, Style & Harmony’. No point having something looking pretty, if it’s too uncomfortable for function. Of course, style is important, but only when in Harmony with Practicality. Furniture selection is by far one of the best parts of our job description. Especially travelling to the far reaches of the globe, just to find the right piece. Although, that piece also might well just be around the corner.

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Yumboxinteriors is a young & dynamic design agency that revels in creating well designed internal spaces that expresses balance between aesthetics & function.

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