It is with great honor that we can announce that our sister agency Yumboxdesign has picked up an award as apart of CV Magazine’s – Business Innovator Awards 2018. Yumboxdesign is our one stop creative agency that we here at Yumboxinteriors go to when offering our clients digital marketing, as wll as video production services.

The many sleepless nights that ensued putting together the creative offering known as Yumboxdesign, as well as all the attention to detail, passion and love for seeking out all the outstanding talent that finally went into the makeup of the Yumboxdesign family, has now finally been acknowledged and realized by our fellow entrepreneurs.

Yumboxdesign has always been a labor of love, a business put together based upon that love, as well as respect for working upon creative projects with fellow inspirational team members. It is fitting therefore that they have now been awarded ‘Most Creative Media Company 2018’ for London. Certainly, an encouraging omen for us going forward as a business, as well as a family.

Yumboxdesigns areas of expertise currently fall under the categories of ‘Branding, Video/Film Production, Visual Communication, Illustration, Interactivity for TV/Web/Mobile, Post Production, as well as general marketing services. As such, their clients can and have included TV broadcasters, Retailers, as well as Manufacturers.

Yumboxdesign’s internal culture, as well as our own, with regards how we work with others, especially with those we employ, is to always pay the fees that everyone deserves. We’re not motivated necessarily by profit, but by making everyone associated with us, happy. A happy team will then transmit that energy into their work, and as a result, to our clients. Nothing shows you respect your team more, than actually paying them what they’re truly worth. We believe it is this positive approach to partnership that made Yumboxdesign to be recognized by the readers/voters of Corporate Vision Magazine.

The official press release, as well as a link to the winners can be found at the following links: 

CV Magazine Winners Press Release

CV Magazine Awards Winners List

What does the future hold for Yumboxdesign? Well, they certainly have big plans. There’s nothing wrong with having big ambitions, as long as you take your time with regards achieving them. Currently they’re in the processes of setting up offices over in Asia, specifically in Indonesia with us, as they have found a demand out here for the type of work they deliver.

Hopefully, more awards shall ensue for us, as well as Yumboxdesign. However next time, with Yumboxdesign having a much more global presence in the market place, than they currently have. Thank you CV magazine, as well as all your readers who eventually voted for our sister agency, Yumboxdesign.

Yumboxinterior Team 🙂

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