Jelena takes a trip to cambodia to track down interior hidden treasures

One of the things we love best at Yumboxinteriors is to get the opportunity to explore Asia in search of amazing one-off designer pieces, to then pass on those pieces to our customers. Of course, it’s not always easy finding a beautiful masterpiece and then having to let it go.

Imagine how the craftsmen must feel spending so long making furniture, as well as arts & craft, only to see those pieces leave their workshop. Well, they need to make money right, and we have to offer our customers the best original pieces available this part of the globe.

Anyway, If we had a nickel every time Jelena walked into the office claiming to have discovered yet another great supplier in some remote God knows location, untouched somewhere in East Asia, everyone in the office would have gotten nickel poisoning a long time ago.

Giving credit where credit is due, she is usually spot-on when it comes to that type of thing. As such, with ticket in hand, our founder is off once more to explore some hot tips in Cambodia. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it. In any case, watch this space, as she will be updating us via the Yumboxinterior blog with photos and diary write ups, as she explores that amazing part of the planet.

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